Credit Card

Features and benefits of credit card

1.Effortless EMI conversion

4.Instant Approval Credit Card

7.Strong security

2.Avail personal loan during an emergency

5.Best Rewards Credit Card

3.ATM cash withdrawal with no interest

6.Huge annual savings

How to use a credit card?

Credit cards are useful financial instruments that make spending easy as well as rewarding. Accompanying features allow you to manage your short-term funding needs and provide for urgent cash requirements. Like, interest-free periods make repayment more convenient.You must use your credit card wisely to make the most of the available benefits. Check out how you can use your credit card to maximise the benefits.

1.Pay credit card bills in time

In-time credit card bill payment is essential to manage your advances efficiently. Delay in payment can result in interest accrual at high rates. Timely payment of credit card bill also helps maintain your credit score.

2.Make high-value purchases at the beginning of the billing cycle

Cardholders should ideally make big-ticket purchases with the instrument at the beginning of the billing cycle to enjoy a long interest-free period and repay the dues easily.

3.Track your spends

Keep track of your expenses and limit them within your repayment capacity. Check credit card statement periodically to do so efficiently.

4.Choose credit limit wisely

Choice of credit limit must be based on your income, fixed monthly obligations and other necessary expenses. Setting a credit limit that is well within your repayment capacity helps in optimum financial management.

5.Check your credit card statement

You must also view your credit card statement from time to time. It carries critical information related to benefits like reward points earned, reward point to be redeemed, etc. that can help maximise the benefits.

Apply for the credit card today and avail several industry-first benefits and innovative features.